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Through the TCS Connect e-community platform, our teachers are committed to engaging our Senior School students (Grades 9-12) in learning through synchronous and asynchronous programming. All lessons are recorded so should a student miss one, they can watch at a later time; the goal is to have direct contact with each student, every day. In developing our e-learning program we carefully considered managing screen time, length of academic day, building in time for physical activity and making accommodations for time zone differences.

How Does E-Learning Work?

TCS Connect classes

  • At the regular class time as listed in the planner, students will go to their class in Edsby or Google Classrooms (note: all times listed in the planner are Eastern Standard Time)
  • Students will click the link to Google Meet and join their teacher and classmates by videoconference
  • Attendance will be taken for Senior School students
  • Learning goals for the day will be shared
  • Students will then complete different learning tasks, some together online with their teacher and classmates, others by themselves

Online learning tips

  • All courses will be meeting using the video conferencing platform Google Meet
  • Always mute your microphone when not speaking
  • Be aware of your background, everyone can see your surroundings
  • Ensure your workspace is well-lit
  • Use the chat function to ask questions

Digital Citizenship & Etiquette

In order to ensure a beneficial learning experience for all, TCS has some put in place some expectations for our students in our learning environment. 

  • Students are to wear clean casuals and no hats
  • Tone and language online should be the same as it would be in a classroom
  • Continue with our common courtesies; respect and kindness first
  • Please note that by joining any school-based Google Meet, you are automatically consenting to be recorded (classes are being recorded so that, for example, students who live in significantly different time zones and cannot participate live will have access)
  • For Senior Schools students, the Technology Responsible Use Policy applies
  • Expectations for student conduct related to e-learning in the TCS community guide the way


Our highly skilled teachers take lessons, formally delivered in-class, and creatively translate them as engaging online lessons delivered through our TCS Connect e-learning platform. Each day our students log in and are introduced to new ideas and participate in interesting discussions that further their learning.

Read more about how our academic departments have adapted to online learning:


The Senior School schedule is structured around 60-minute periods beginning with a short lesson followed by work time in the presence of the teacher for added support. House meetings, advisor meetings and chapel are built into the schedule to promote connection. Co-curricular and student life programming are scheduled at the end of instructional days.

Wednesdays are non-instructional days, with mandatory advisor check-ins and the chance for students to engage in off-screen activities, while some optional asynchronous activity suggestions may be offered. Though no new academic content will be introduced on these days, for some students, catching up or working ahead on academic work may feel productive and useful. To this end, student support services, including academic support, counselling, health centre and athletic therapy appointments, will remain available to assist academic, socio-emotional and health-related needs.


Our teachers are mindful that technological and/or time zone challenges should not negatively affect student achievement. Our expectation is for students to remain engaged, attend their online classes and complete assigned work to their previous standard in order to maintain or improve their academic status. E-learning skills continue to be essential for student success and continued preparation for studies at the next level (click here to view our E-Learning Skills document).


In keeping with the most recent Ontario Ministry of Education communication, the Senior School will not be holding formal written exams in June 2020. Instead, students will be engaged in end-of-year assessments, culminating with a “Final Meeting” in each course between Monday, June 8th and Friday, June 12th. Our teachers are designing assessments that are creative, relevant and include a range of modes: presentations, discussions, interviews, personal reflections, oral responses and the like.

The Senior School will use the customary Focus Cycle (the last eight instructional days of the year) to continue with regular e-learning classes. As such, the TCS Connect class schedule would continue through Friday, June 5th. Classes will feature essential review in support of the varied, culminating-type final assessments of learning with a goal to anchor knowledge and skill sets.

Advanced Placement (AP) Exams

The College Board is continuing with AP examinations run at the dates/times indicated on the College Board website (click here to view) commencing May 11th through May 22nd. Late testing make-up exams are scheduled on June 1st through 5th. It should be noted that these exams are scaled back in length, design and scope in response to COVID-19 challenges.

June Report Cards

June report cards will be issued on Monday, June 29th as planned. With the move from exams to Final Meetings this year, and in keeping with direction from the Ministry of Education, no exam marks will appear on the June report. Teachers will provide comments and report the final percentage grade for the year in each course, with careful consideration to ensure student standing has not been negatively impacted by technological and/or time zone challenges related to e-learning. Reported learning skills will reflect the final term using the revised TCS Connect e-Learning Skills.

Questions or feedback

If parents have questions about their child’s learning, they should contact their child’s advisor.