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Activities that bring our community together, whether on-campus or online, build and sustain our connections. The School was excited to launch new co-curricular and student life options for Senior School students delivered through the TCS Connect e-community platform.

House connections

Altogether, TCS Connect represents a school-wide effort to provide connection, engagement and a sense of community for our students wherever they are in the world. Our schedule allows for a 11:00-11:30 a.m. EST pause in classes for students to take part in chapel, advisor meetings or house meetings, depending on the day of the week.

In addition to regular house meetings, each week our houses offer fun house activities and "open study" opportunities that allow students to virtually drop in and chat with their housemaster or assistant housemaster. Whether they are eager just to see the friendly faces of their housemates, or need the advice or assistance of their housemaster, the maintenance of the house system during TCS Connect has proven to be an important element in keeping our students supported, interested and engaged, not only in learning, but in their community.

Bears@Home: Activities for all interests

The Bears @ Home co-curricular and student life program includes activities such as house events, social media challenges, programming in the arts, service learning and physical fitness, as well as time for clubs to meet between 2:00 – 3:00 p.m. EST. Students can check what’s on offer in the daily schedule posted on the purpose-built Bears at Home website.

Updated each Monday, initiatives are focused on offering something for everyone! As an example, a week of activities may include:

  • An arts site where students can post pieces they’ve been working on at home
  • A fitness challenge
  • The Pay It Forward movement, where students can track how they are giving back
  • The #PetsofTCS social media challenge through which students can share photos of their pets wearing TCS clothing
  • House activities, organized by the students’ housemasters
  • Fun live events such as trivia contests, full-body workout, yoga and Zumba sessions, online guitar lessons, and a drop-in art session where students can learn “Painting the Bob Ross Way”

Students are invited to check out (and contribute to!) a series of online bulletin boards enabled by residential, visual arts and service learning staff as a landing spot for students and alumni to post their inspiring thoughts, artistic creations, hobbies and more. Click on these links to see a sampling:

Many of the clubs that our students enjoyed while on campus are continuing through our e-learning platform, with new ones also being added! Through Google Meet, our students can join with their like-minded peers and engage in areas that are important or interesting to them. Some of the recent club meetings included:

  • Athletic Leadership Development
  • White Pine Book Club
  • Green TCS Eco-Chat and Take Action
  • Chapel Choir
  • Cultural Awareness Group

Community events

The School marks each school year with a wide assortment of traditions and special events. While the events may take a different approach in our e-learning environment, whether marking the School’s birthday or recognizing our student athletes, artists and service leaders in our yearend award ceremonies, we continue to come together as a community to celebrate.

In addition, special initiatives are added to our program, to help provide our students with information or insights outside of the classroom. Career Showcase, for example, offered students a chance to listen to some invited guests from our parent and alumni communities, who offered insight into their individual career journeys. It was a great opportunity for students to gain a better understanding of what a career path in the 21st century might look like.