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One of the hallmarks of the Trinity College School program is the support offered to our students as they make their way on their TCS journey. These supports continue to be offered and dynamically delivered through our TCS Connect e-community platform.

Advisors & Housemasters

Our advisor program has always been a remarkable and critical component of the TCS program, however, it is further demonstrating its value during these times as we all engage at a distance, through the TCS Connect e-community platform. All Senior School students have a faculty advisor with whom they meet on a regular basis, both individually and as an advisee group. The advisor, along with the housemaster, are the primary contacts for parents.

The advisor's primary responsibilities are:

  • To act as an advocate
  • To encourage academic success and co-curricular involvement
  • To guide in reflection and decision-making
  • To initiate and enable communication between advisee and advisor, and home and school

A student's housemaster team also offers a key support system at the School, as they champion the student's efforts and offer advice, assistance and support. While students live and learn at a distance, housemasters play an important role in checking in on our students and they ensure house involvement continues, understanding that it is a shared experience that is fundamental in building community and connection. To learn more about the house system during TCS Connect click here.

Academic Support

Academic support assists in learning beyond traditional curricular lines and establishing support networks necessary to guide students to achieve their full potential. Students are encouraged to identify their areas of need and seek out support. Where students may be having course-specific difficulties, there is academic assistance available, and most often teachers are willing to meet on-on-one with students via Google Meet. In addition, a range of learning skills seminars are offered throughout the year in which students are taught skills in organization, study and test-taking strategies, note-taking and time management.

If a student's area of need is more pervasive, organizationally based or learning-style centred, the student and his or her advisor can arrange to meet with our director of academic support. The director of academic support will work with the student to identify and implement strategies to help the student. Recommendations are often also made to teachers and advisors with regard to their ongoing support of the student. In all cases, students are encouraged to advocate for themselves, to take initiative and accept responsibility for their learning.


The Senior School library subscribes to a comprehensive selection of electronic databases, providing access to thousands of journal articles and quality resources. These databases, as well as a rich collection of e-books and other resources, continue to be available to students through the TCS Senior School library website. Students can login using their Google account to explore library resources, learn about programs such as Trinity Reads and White Pine Book Club, or to connect with our library staff for assistance with research and citation, book recommendations (for class or pleasure reading), technical issues with databases or ebook/audiobooks. Mrs. Shelagh Straughan, our Senior School librarian, can be reached at

Writing Centre

The TCS Writing Centre is an academic resource for all TCS students. Students can either be directed to the Writing Centre by their teachers or make appointments on their own. The TCS Writing Centre offers additional, personalized and one-on-one writing instruction in order to help its students develop their writing skills for success in school and beyond.

Students can make an appointment or request a resource on the main page here. (Note: only current students may access.) They will receive a response within 24 hours with an appointment time and the Google Meet link. In order to accommodate all students, regardless of where they live, appointments can be made outside of the traditional class hours. There are also resources available on the site, including a section for essays and Osler Speeches. All appointments are with Ms. Andrea Mathieson, a member of the English faculty.

Math Learning Centre

The Math Learning Centre is open each academic block, Monday to Friday and is staffed by a full-time faculty member or faculty intern. Students are encouraged to attend and practice mathematics in a comfortable environment where help is readily available. The Math Learning Centre Google Meet room link is available to students on Edsby.

Block A: Ms. Zimmerman Block B: Ms. Chen Block C: Ms. McNutt Block D: Mr. Fox
Block E: Ms. Chen Block F: Ms. McNutt Block G: Ms. Zimmerman Block H: Mr. Fox


Guidance counsellors support students with academic and post-secondary planning, such as: course selection, enrichment opportunities, summer programs, goal setting (personal, academic and career development), post-secondary and scholarship applications.

Social-emotional counsellors will offer students the opportunity to explore, understand and work through personal issues such as: self-esteem, stress, anger, sadness, motivation, perfectionism, relationships and family, grief/loss, sexuality and gender, etc.

Our Grade 11 students continue to focus research skills on post-secondary programs of interest, expected cut-off grades and prerequisite courses. Our guidance department has provided students with the opportunity to learn how to research schools outside of Canada and is holding seminars for students interested in applying to schools in various geographic locations. In addition, all Grade 11 students are encouraged to book individual meetings on a regular basis with their academic guidance counsellor to begin discussing their individual situation, exploring their strengths and aptitudes and working towards developing and shaping their post-secondary application list for next fall.

Parent Forums

Parents have been invited to participate in forums with other TCS parents and faculty who share ideas on how to support the academic and social-emotional needs of students while they work from home on the e-learning platform. E-learning presents many exciting opportunities to explore technology and build strong time management skills. However, this new way of learning can also bring with it challenges that will remind everyone – teachers, students and parents – to be flexible and open-minded.

To view the sessions, click the links below.

  • Navigating your child’s academic and emotional needs during COVID-19
    video, slideshow
  • Navigating your child’s e-learning through the TCS Connect program
    video, slideshow
  • Supporting your child’s emotional needs at home

Athletic Therapy

Through the TCS Connect e-community program, our athletic therapists continue to support students with injury recovery, active rehabilitation programs and individualized training programs for their particular sport. To book an appointment with an athletic therapist, please email Ms. Tanya Beck: Appointment availability is flexible and will accommodate the student’s time zone.

Our athletic therapy team also offers support in ensuring students and staff establish an ergonomic workspace at home.

Health Centre

Reach out for assistance with medical records, vaccination information, prescription transfers, insurance questions and any health related questions, including the updating of your school health records. Ms. Jennifer Kedwell and her team will be happy to assist you:


Chaplains walk alongside people as they navigate the road of life. Father Don is happy to chat with you about anything, but especially when you are grappling with some of the big issues. Students may email Father Don directly:

In addition, Headmaster Grainger and/or Father Don share a chapel service available at the beginning of each week with our students as a way of connecting through thought and song and to facilitate the sharing of school life announcements.

IT Support

The Trinity College School IT services department is available to support students and their families with technology challenges related to hardware, software, e-learning tools, connectivity and more.

Accessing support

To contact the School’s IT help desk, email

Our technicians use a variety of tools to troubleshoot and solve issues. For instance, student or their parents may be asked to join Google Meet to further troubleshoot issues and/or may be asked to use Go To Meeting so technicians can access the student’s computer remotely.

Help Desk Hours of Operation

Help desk technicians will be available Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. EST. Email will be monitored outside of these hours but there may be a delayed response.

Bandwidth Tips

Students and/or their parents who are having connectivity problems are encouraged to first try to:

  • Ensure that there is no video streaming, gaming or Smart TV use in your household while in Google Meets or Hangouts or when using/viewing classroom videos.
  • Try hotspotting to a cell phone. (Check your internet provider: due to the COVID-19 situation, many have temporarily removed data caps.)
  • If able, increase your bandwidth with your provider or consider upgrading your hub if you are using a Rocket wifi hub.
  • Rebooting your modem/hub. (Doing this daily is a good practice.)

Fixing Hardware Remotely

As the TCS campus, Apple stores and many local certified Apple repair shops are closed, it will be critical that students take great care of their technology hardware. Please review the following guidelines:

  • If you are having functionality issues with your laptop, please do the following before you contact the IT help desk:
    • Reboot your laptop
    • Ensure that you have run all updates
    • If you are still having issues, please contact the IT help desk by emailing
  • If your laptop or iPad breaks and is unusable, first please try to find another technology solution to support learning. If that is not an option, contact the IT help desk, as outlined above. Please note: As the campus is closed there may be limited ability to support the repair of broken hardware.